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We help professionals and trainers to teach efficiently with trainings, training materials, real-time support, research on tools and processes, and custom developed software. We can also help you in marketing your courses and even host your courses. If you have a teachable skill, you can start your own e-learning course. You may also pick up one of the teachable skills that we have hosted, learn it and then teach with the help of the provided materials. Happy learning and sharing!

Know more about us

Language Club

Language skill an important skill needed for a trainer, professional or even a student to create a good impression among the people you interact with.

Success Club

There are many people in this world who has already made many mistakes and tasted success. You can learn from them rather than making those mistakes again.

People Club

Understanding people, making them trust you, winning friends and influencing them, are all important skills to become successful in life. You cannot live as islands.

English Essentials for Trainers, Professionals and Students

This is one of our most popular courses. While covid-19 has shut down some jobs and opportunities, it has also opened up lot more of opportunities across the globe. In this course, you will learn grammar basics, check knowledge through quizzes (lots of live and offline quizzes), practice writing articles and blogs, improve public speaking skills  by practicing talking, and conduct your own webinars. We will even provide all the tools you need to write blogs or conduct webinars.

Advanced English for Trainers, Professionals and Authors

This is an advanced course for people who want to be exceptional in their fields by learning advanced concepts such as phonetics for better pronunciation or improve authoring skills and publishing books. Being a published author can open up a lot of opportunities that you may not have even dreamt of. Authoring classes are taken by published authors and spoken english classes will be taken by language experts. We will also help you in other aspect pf publishing books, conducting live webinars etc. 

Want more courses?

This is a premium offering from Trainso Training Solutions that focusses on few courses at a time with mobile apps on all platforms to learn on the go. Few more courses are on the way. You may also explore more courses and services at Trainso.com. You can also suggest new courses that we should start.


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